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200+ hand curated FREE tools for indie-makers, side-hustlers and entrepreneurs.

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What is Tims?
TIMS is a growing directory of the best FREE no-code tools and resources to build, launch, and grow your online projects.

A wide variety of tools and resources
The database includes all the tools you will need to build professional projects with no-code. Web Apps, downloadable assets, Chrome extensions, Tims has everything you need to help you get going easily, without any tech skills.

Tools that offer valuable free plans
Why would you pay multiple subscriptions when some alternative tools offer free plans? All the tools and resources in Tims are FREE to use or offer very attractive free plans so you can get started with virtually no budget. You will also get a few paid (but affordable) tools that you really should have a look at.

Classified by objectives and tags
Tims is made to help you find the right tools at each step of your project, according to your objectives. Use the 9 categories and 30+ tags to easily search the database and find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Why do you need it?
Because it will save you money and hours of time!

  • You have a project idea and don’t know what tools stack to use.
  • You spend hours looking for the right tools for your specific needs.
  • You need free resources and assets to start building without giving all your $.
  • You know some tools that could work for you but you need some alternatives.
  • You want to get your hands on the most effective tools that will save your time.
  • You want to start your project without having to subscribe to multiple paid tools.

Tims is your magic toolkit that will help you launch your projects faster, and save you $ on expensive services.