Product Explorer: A database of 15k+ products for makers and indie investors

Product Explorer is a categorized database of 15k+ products and extensions. It can be used to identify acquisition targets, to find abandoned projects you can revive, and to develop a...

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Category: Tech

All the data you need to make qualified decisions, discover undervalued assets and to make sure you never again run out of product ideas.
Unlock a database with extensive data on 50,000+ products.

Discover undervalued assets
“One of the things I have been thinking about and haven’t really executed but I think I would if I were starting today is that there is all these cool products that are on Product Hunt. Every day you think “that’s cool”. But most of them fizzle.

Sometimes they fail to catch and didn’t go viral, but a lot of the time it’s started by a developer and the developer doesn’t understand how to market and grow something. So what I was thinking is that it would be smart to go through product hunt, go back 6 months, and just look at the coolestshit that came out. And then start approaching all these developers and say: “look I give you 5 grand”.

And to them, they’re like “This is useless to me, I’ve already shut it down, I don’t want to pay for hosting”. But for you it could be a 5 million dollar business.”